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Add and Remove - Restrictions

Go to Start/Run/Regedit and navigate to this key: (The first one is per user, the second, per system)


Create a new DWORD value for each restriction required according to the table below. Set the value to equal "1" to enable the restriction or "0" to disable it.

  • NoAddRemovePrograms - Disable Add/Remove Programs
  • NoRemovePage - Disable Change and Remove Programs
  • NoAddPage - Disable Add Programs
  • NoWindowsSetupPage - Disable Windows Components Wizard
  • NoAddFromCDorFloppy - Hide "Add a program from CD-ROM or disk" option
  • NoAddFromInternet - Hide "Add programs from Microsoft" option
  • NoAddFromNetwork - Hide "Add programs from your network" option
  • NoServices - Go directly to Windows Components Wizard
  • NoSupportInfo - Disable Support Information

You may need to restart Windows for the changes to take effect.

Add or Remove Programs Restriction - Undo

Add and Remove - SP1 (Parser Message: Value creation failed " at line 472" error) or (SP2 at line 521) - Eric Pelezo

If you are using Style XP - Right click the Desktop/Properties/Desktop/choose Windows XP and try again.

Style XP has an update available for SP1

If you have renamed the uxtheme.dll (patch) you could try running SFC /Scannow to restore the original MS version. Or check in the root directory for "UxTheme.dll.tqtbak" and rename it to UxTheme.dll and replace the copy in "C:\windows\system32" with the new renamed copy. The original MS Version - 6.0.2800.1045 (1.98 kb)

The patch can be downloaded here
Errors from trying to use Add or Remove after installing SP1

Add and Remove vs. System Restore
- Anshul Rawat [MS]

System Restore does not completely uninstall any program by itself if restoring to a point prior to the program installation. Since system restore is based on an inclusionary model, any file added or modified by the installation which System Restore does not monitor or files added to or modified in a non monitored drive will not be tracked by System Restore.

Thus System Restore cannot delete or undo any modifications made to these files. To remove all the changes an installation may have made on the system, the user should first use the Add/Remove option in the control panel to remove the application prior to using System Restore. System Restore however will undo all recorded changes made to the registry & monitored
files caused by the application install including:

a.. Delete monitored files the program installation may have added to the system
b.. Undo modifications to monitored files made by the installation
c.. Replace the current registry with the registry snapshot taken when the restore point chosen was created. (*note: some
current values will persist)
d.. Any file type not monitored by System Restore added or modified on the system will not be restored or removed. E.g.
.jpg, .txt files.

For additional information on System Restore please visit:

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