Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Best Computer Tips and Tricks: Windows Media Player 11

Clear Your History

Perhaps you don't want other users on your computer to know what type of music you listen to (or what videos you've been watching, nudge nudge). You can clear the history by going to the Privacy pane in the Options menu (Alt+T+O), and hit the Clear History button. You can also uncheck the "Save file and URL history in the Player" box.

Roll Back WMP

WMP 11 isn't doing it for you? If you are using Windows XP, you can roll back to a previous version simply by using the Change/Remove function in Add or Remove Programs, which is found in Control Panel. Just follow the prompts, and you're on your way to removing WMP 11.

Watch DivX Movies

Want to watch DivX-encoded movies—including ones in 1080i and 1080p high definition—through WMP? You'll need to install the DivX codec. Download the codec, and you can turn WMP into a DivX player.

Turn on the Radio

In WMP 11, the Internet radio tuner hasn't disappeared; it's just been hidden. To find it, click the down arrow below the Online Stores tab. Then select the Media Guide, and click on the Internet Radio link.

Use WMP with Your iPod

If you'd prefer using WMP rather than iTunes with your iPod, all you need is MGTEK's Dopisp. This $19.95 plug-in (available in a downloadable free trial version) lets you sync MP3 and AAC audio and MPEG-4 video files between WMP and all iPod models, including the iPhone. Alas, it will not work with protected DRM music you've purchased.

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