Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How to enable the multi-touch gestures in Firefox 3.5 so that users of Apple's latest laptops can switch tabs via twisting.

[robg adds: In case the original ever vanishes, here's the condensed version of the how-to:
  1. Enter about:config in the Firefox 3.5 URL bar. If you get a warning about voiding your warranty, click the "I'll be careful , I promise!" button to continue.
  2. In the Filter box, enter browser.gesture.twist. You'll see a few entries, including the two you need to modify: browser.gesture.twist.left andbrowser.gesture.twist.right.
  3. Double-click on browser.gesture.twist.left and enter Browser:PrevTab in the dialog that appears. Double-click on browser.gesture.twist.right and enter Browser:NextTab.
That's all you need to do; close the config window and you're done. I've tested this on my MacBook Pro, and it works as described.]

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