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Harden XP Part1

There are many howto's , books dealing with security and hardening operating systems in general.However there aren't a lot off sites that cover a broader range off hardening / security settings.Personally i like windows xp for its drivers and compattibillity , configurablility and looks.What i certainly dont like is the huge amount off build in features (flaws) like remote desktop connection , etc making xp vulnerable in its default state. My goal is to display the fast security options and emphasizing what the side effects / advantages are, and then let u see some additional security settings with the use off the build in mmc ( microsoft management console) and the default

security templates which is allready present at every XP box.

In my opinion, u don't have to read a whole security book with average page lenght off 500 for some sec settings which would fit on 1 page.

1) disable netbios over tcp/ip {no side effect unless u using netbios names}

goto start--->control panel ---->network and internet connections

--->network connections

right click on your (local , whatever u use) connection and goto properties

right click tcp/ip goto options , click on advanced and select the tab WINS, clear the disable netbios over tcp/ip checkbox.

2) While being there you might ass well disable (better uninstall)

client for microsoft networks and file and printer sharing.

Really the only thing you need is tcp/ip ( the standard internet protocol)

this might affect sharing files with icq or msn, aim etc, which is bad anyway. Kazaa and overnet file sharing programs remain unaffected by this


3)Change your computer name to something less usual like a underscore

4)goto start ---> run and press browse

browse to C:\WINDOWS\system32\ddeshare.exe

and press enter, disable all mentioned shares present, like the hearts (port 135), blackjack etc, ever wondered where this port 135 comes from ?

6)Regedit part

goto start--->run and enter "regedit"

before going any further make a backup off the registry by exporting the current registry settings under file--->export etc

goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlset\Control\Lsa\restrictanonymous

double click on this reg key and enter the the value 2

this disables totally null session enumeration (nobody can't enumerate

accounts etc)

restrictanonymoussam should be at value 1 , can't go to a higher value



click on the + in front off LanManServer and click on Parameters

on the right half off the regeditor double click on NullSessionPipes

Delete everything what's there as value

Same goes for lanmanworkstation

8) goto


double click on EnableIcmpRedirect and enter the value 0 ( disabled)

same goes for DeadGwDetect

double click on EnableSecurityFilters and enter the value 1 ( enabled)

export ( save) your new registry settings to a floppy , for later use .


Windows XP Professional

9) goto start--->run and enter mmc

this will open the microsoft management console

goto File--->Add/Remove Snap-in..

goto Add and select the snap-in's 1) security templates

2) security configuration and analysis

once done corect u should see 2 windows:

one named console 1 and one named Console Root\Security Templates

right click on Security Configuration and Analysis and goto open database

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